Phage Antibody Display Platform

Humanization of mice and rabbit monoclonal antibodies,Humanized antibody affinity maturation,Antibody engineering transformation

Bispecific Antibody Development Platform

Combined with many years of monoclonal antibody development experience and technical advantages, our company first tries to ...

Antibody Druggability Display Platform

Identification of FcR mediated functions such as ADCC and CDC,Construction platform of target antigen and receptor highly l...

Immunoassay Kit Development Platform

Our company's team has a good foundation in the field of clinical diagnostic kit development. The tumor antigen p185 ...



Official establishment of the company


The company in Anhui Province equity custody trading center science and technology innovation version (new four board) successfully listed


Third prize in the 4th National Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co., Ltd., invested and became a shareholder


Obtained National High-tech Enterprise Certificate


Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co., Ltd., has officially become the controlling shareholder of the company


1. Third Prize of "Enlinghtening China" Anhui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

2. Won the title of "Young Eagle Enterprise" in High-tech Zone


1. HK001 obtained clinical trial approval.

2. Received Series A financing from twofund companies.


1. HK001 entered Phase I clinical trial.

2. HK003 obtained clinical trial approval.